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Bicycle – Attendance Award Program

The three lodges in Henderson County, Jerusalem 9, Henderson 958, & Corydon 799, teamed up to purchase a boy’s & girl’s bicycle to present to every elementary, middle school, and high school in the Henderson County Board of Education district.  Eleven schools with a total of 22 bicycles.  Bikes Sign

Brother Andrew “Andy” Carr, current master of Henderson 958, spearheaded the program, promoted it to the three lodges and worked tirelessly to obtain the best deal possible for the bicycles.  He also worked with brother Ty Rideout, owner of Abba Promotions, to have signs made up to place on the bicycles.

BikesSeveral brothers committed to donating money toward this program and the three lodges will help cover the additional cost.

The goal was to have all the bicycles in each school so that when classes start on August 10th the students will see them every day to give them incentive to stay in school.  This goal was achieved.  Those students that have perfect attendance through April will have their name placed in a drawing with a boy & girl winner at each school.  Along with the bicycles, we will also be providing them with a helmet or a voucher to get a helmet to help promote safety.

This bicycle program was suggested by our current Deputy Grand Master, Cloyd Bumgardner.  It is our understanding that we are the first group to do this on a mass scale.

75 year pin presentation

On Sunday September 14th, members of Jerusalem 9 traveled to Frankfort KY to the home of our brother, Retired Chief Justice, Honorable John S. Palmore.   Meeting us at his home was the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Kentucky, Rick Nation.

While there we presented him with his 75 year service pin to our great fraternity, a Veteran’s pin for his service to our country, and MWGM presented him with his personal pin.   Brother Palmore’s wife, Carol, pinned his 75 year pin on him.

We stayed for a while and he reminisced about the days he lived and worked in Henderson.   He told some interesting tales that made us all chuckle.   It was a great day in masonry to meet a man who had done so much for his country, the laws in our state and our fraternity.


group photo L-R: S.W. Matt McConnell, W.M. Jim DeArmond, John S. Palmore, MWGM Rick Nation, & DDGM #5 James Roll, P.M.
L-R: S.W. Matt McConnell, W.M. Jim DeArmond, John S. Palmore, MWGM Rick Nation, & DDGM #5 James Roll, P.M.
Presentation of Veteran's pin.
Presentation of Veteran’s pin.
75 year pinning by Carol Palmore for her husband, John.
75 year pinning by Carol Palmore for her husband, John.

Masonic Scholarship Awarded

Scholarship recipient, Katelyn Patterson, was presented a check for the first installment of her scholarship that was awarded by the members of Jerusalem 9 thanks to the kind donations from members that left money in their will for the lodge to award scholarships from the interest earned.

You can make a difference in the lives of others as well. Please consider a monetary donation for the scholarship or building fund of your lodge.


Pictured left to right: James Roll P.M., Adam Dare J.D., Katelyn Patterson, Matthew McConnell S.W., and Jim Molt P.M.

New Master Masons – September 8, 2012

On September 8, 2012 we raised five new brothers in the fraternity.  I want to start out by saying this was a great group of candidates that worked together to learn their work and patiently waited for each other so they could go through this degree together.  We started out the morning with a breakfast prepared by some of our dedicated members.  After indulging ourselves on the fine meal, we made our way into the lodge hall for the start of the degree.  We had visitors from as far away as Indianapolis and some from Western Kentucky.
The first section was conferred by past master Bruce Trice.  The second section was conferred by Jerusalem 9 degree team with past master Roscoe Sneed playing the part of King Solomon. After their degree the new brothers were welcomed to the fraternity and each was given time to address the lodge.
L – R back row: Derek Talley, Robert Dehaven, and Douglas Laramie.
L – R Front Row: Roscoe Sneed P.M., Paul Harpole, Jason Ellis, and W.M. Steve Hall.

New EA’s – August 27, 2012

On August 27, 2012 we had two new members added to our fraternity.  Christopher Ratcliffe and John Tucker were are newly initiated entered apprentices.  The degree was conferred by our current Junior Warden, Jim DeArmond.  The officers had several practices before the degree and it showed in how well the degree was conferred.


Pictured L – R: S.D. Matt McConnell, Christopher Ratcliffe, A.M. Jim DeArmond, John Tucker, S.W. Joseph Hall.

New Fellow Craft July 23, 2012

Robert Dehaven was passed to the degree of a fellow craft on July 23, 2012.  Acting Master, Joseph Hall (current Senior Warden), conferred the first section.  The second section was conferred by brother Edward Anderson, PDDGM, PM, Grand Lodge Committeeman.


Pictured L – R: Buck Gish P.M., Edward Anderson P.M., Robert Dehaven, A.M. Joseph Hall, S.D. Matt McConnell, & Cory Stewart.

New Fellowcrafts


On July 9, 2012 we were able to confer the Fellow Craft degree on four candidates.  Brother Edward Anderson conferred the staircase lecture and our Senior Warden Joseph Hall stepped up to confer the first section.  We had a great meal prior to the degree and a very good turnout for the meeting / degree section.

photo 2
L-R: Doug Laramie, Paul Harpole, Derek Talley, & Jason Ellis.
Back Row L-R: Edward Anderson, PDDGM, & A.M. Joseph Hall.

Courtesy work for Grand Lodge of Indiana

Jerusalem No 9 was given the distinct honor of presenting a member of Howard Lodge No 93 of  the Grand Lodge of Indiana with his 50 year service certificate and pin.  Brother John Will Bridwell lives in Henderson, but belongs to Howard Lodge No 93 in Kokomo Indiana.  He was able to attend our meeting on June 25, 2012, where he was presented with his service awards during our business meeting.

It took a few months to get with brother Bridwell, but it was well worth the wait.  He was able to partake in a fine meal prepared by Bryce Hazelwood in honor of St. John.  After the meal we opened lodge, conducted some business, presented his service award, then went to refreshment to open on the entered apprentice for five brothers to show proficiency.  It was a great night in masonry.

A good time was had by all.  We have scheduled a fellowcraft degree for our each of our two meetings in July for those five proficient entered apprentices.

Below is a picture of W.M. Steve Hall presenting brother John W. Bridwell with his service awards.

50 year service award

Special Master Mason Degree at Monsarrat 379

On Saturday April 28 Monsarrat Lodge No 379 hosted a master mason degree.  Members of Jerusalem Lodge No 9 degree team traveled to Monsarrat Lodge No 379 to assist in the degree work.  A warm and friendly greeting was found by all who entered the hall of Monsarrat 379.  A great breakfast with fresh milk & homemade jellies, along with the usual breakfast items were prepared.  Brotherly fellowship was also found there.  This was a special day for three new members & those that attended. The unique thing about this degree was that we were able to raise a father, who later raised his son, as they both received their Master Mason degree the same day.

Monsarrat 379

 The new brothers are in the center of the photo with their aprons, as members from various lodges in the area pose with them.  New members left to right: Charles Miller, Nick Miller, and Matt Hamilton.