New Master Masons – September 8, 2012

On September 8, 2012 we raised five new brothers in the fraternity.  I want to start out by saying this was a great group of candidates that worked together to learn their work and patiently waited for each other so they could go through this degree together.  We started out the morning with a breakfast prepared by some of our dedicated members.  After indulging ourselves on the fine meal, we made our way into the lodge hall for the start of the degree.  We had visitors from as far away as Indianapolis and some from Western Kentucky.
The first section was conferred by past master Bruce Trice.  The second section was conferred by Jerusalem 9 degree team with past master Roscoe Sneed playing the part of King Solomon. After their degree the new brothers were welcomed to the fraternity and each was given time to address the lodge.
L – R back row: Derek Talley, Robert Dehaven, and Douglas Laramie.
L – R Front Row: Roscoe Sneed P.M., Paul Harpole, Jason Ellis, and W.M. Steve Hall.