Officer Installation

On Monday, December 30th Jerusalem lodge installed the new officers for the year of 2014.  Outgoing master Joe Hall gave many brothers certificates of appreciation and also presented brother Buck Gish with the Mason of the Year award for his ongoing dedication to the lodge and our fine institution.  Brother Ed “Doc” Anderson performed the installations impeccably to the astonishment of all who attended.  The officers for 2014 are as follows:

Master- Jim DeArmond

Senior Warden- Matt McConnell

Junior Warden- Bryan Wingfield

Senior Deacon- Jason Ellis

Junior Deacon- Paul Harpole

Senior Steward- Cory Stewart

Junior Steward- Robert Dehaven (not present)

Treasurer- Rob Toerne

Secretary- Doug Laramie

Chaplain- Bryce Hazelwood (not present)