New Fellowcrafts

Brothers Caleb Trice of Jerusalem Lodge #9 and Ronnie Montgomery of Bailey-Onton Lodge #538 were passed on to the degree of Fellowcraft on Monday, September 23.  The first section was conferred by Acting Master Matt McConnell and the second section was conferred by brother Steve Keach, PM of Henderson Lodge #958.  Both brothers were impressed with the degree and look forward to moving on in their masonic education and becoming a Master Mason.

Pictured Left to Right:  Caleb Trice, Matt McConnell, AM, Ronnie Montgomery.




New Master Masons

On Saturday September 14th, Jerusalem lodge #9 traveled to Stanley lodge #878 and raised three brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  David Fulkerson and Ken Hutchins of Stanley lodge #878 and Adam Dare of Jerusalem lodge #9 received this high distinction.  The first section was conferred by Joe Hall, master of Jerusalem lodge and the second section was conferred by the Jerusalem lodge degree team.  It was a very special night for the two brothers from Stanley lodge as their grandfathers were in attendance to see them raised.



Pictured above: Marvin Fulkerson, David Fulkerson, Ken Hutchins, and Michael Hollingsworth Sr.



Pictured above: Robert Knowles, WM Stanley lodge #878, David Fulkerson, Ken Hutchins, Michael Hollingsworth Sr, and Adam Dare.





New Entered Apprentice and Proficiency

On Monday, September 9th Jerusalem Lodge added a new member to our great organization.  Patrick Russell was initiated as an Entered Apprentice.  The degree was conferred by Acting Master Matt McConnell.  The degree went very well and the new brother was enthusiastic to begin his memory work.


Pictured: Joe Hall, WM, Patrick Russell, Matt McConnell, AM

Also, Brother Caleb Trice showed his proficiency in the EA degree on this evening.  His father, Bruce Trice, PM, was his teacher and was thoroughly proud of his son’s accomplishments.



Pictured: Joe Hall, WM, Bruce Trice, PM, Caleb Trice, Matt McConnell, AM

Pork Chop Dinner 9/21/13

Brothers, we are having a pork chop dinner cook on Saturday, 9/21/13.  If you are available and want to help please join us anytime on saturday morning early.  The dinners will include 2 pork chops, 2 sides, pickle, onion and bread.  All for $7.50!  We also need help selling tickets for these dinners.  If you would like to sell some tickets before Wednesday, or already have some sold, but don’t have the tickets, please contact Rob Toerne or Master Joe Hall.  Part of the proceeds will go to help repair our parking lot.

New Fellowcraft

Brother Adam Dare was passed on to the degree of Fellowcraft on Monday, August 12th.  The first section was conferred by Acting Master Jim DeArmond and the second section was conferred by brother Steve Keach, PM of Henderson Lodge #958.  Adam is a fast learner and will hopefully be able to show proficiency soon.

Pictured: L-R Joe Hall, WM, Jim DeArmond, AM, Steve Keach, PM, Adam Dare, Matt McConnell, JW, and Bruce Trice, PM

Adam dare

New Entered Apprentices

On May 27th we added two new members to our fraternity.  Justin Williams and Caleb Trice were initiated as Entered Apprentices.  The degree was conferred by our current Junior Warden, Matt McConnell.  The degree went very smoothly, showing the practice and recent work paid off well.  Both men are excited to have joined, more especially Caleb.  Caleb is the son of Past Master Bruce Trice, a long time member of Jerusalem Lodge #9.

New eafather and son


Pictured Top Picture: Justin Williams, Matt McConnell, AM, and Caleb Trice

Bottom Picture: Bruce Trice, PM, and Caleb Trice


Charity Run!

charity run 1Saturday, June 8th we had a successful and very fun full day at our charity run.  The weather could not have been any better for all of the riders.  Well over 60 riders showed up to cruise the day away in the name of charity, and, with a police escort all the way to the bridge, how can it get any better.  After the ride, many people hung around and enjoyed the delicious barbecue from the various vendors and listened to the wonderful music.


charity run 2



New Master Masons

On May 18th, Jerusalem Lodge #9 raised one brother, John Tucker and Stanley Lodge #878 raised three brothers, Zachary Hofmann, Ricky Ewing, and Raymond Knowles to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.  The first section, following a delicious breakfast prepared by Stanley Lodge, was conferred by past master Bruce Trice of Jerusalem Lodge.  The second section was conferred by the Jerusalem 9 degree team.  The new brothers were welcomed to the fraternity and given time to address the lodge.  We all look forward to working with these new brothers in the near future.

mm sat

Pictured: 1st row L-R: John Tucker, Jerusalem #9, Zachary Hofmann, Ricky Ewing, & Raymond Knowles all from Stanley #878. 2nd row L-R: Vernie Beals, Secretary and Robert Knowles, Master of Stanley #878.

New Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft proficiency

On May 13th we had one new member added to our fraternity.  Adam Dare was initiated as an entered apprentice.  The degree was conferred by our current Junior Warden, Matt McConnell.  The degree work was done exceptionally and the time invested showed well.  Adam was excited to be initiated and looked forward to doing his memory work.

adam ea

Pictured: Joe Hall, WM,  Adam Dare, Matt McConnel, AM, and JT Roll, Secretary.

Also, on this evening, Brother John Tucker showed proficiency in his Fellowcraft memory work.  Congratulations to Brother Tucker for his hard work and dedication!  We look forward to his third degree work.

tucker proficiency

Pictured: Joe Hall, WM, John Tucker, Steve Hall, Chaplain

Charity Run back on! June 8th.

On June 8th Jerusalem lodge will be reinstating our charity run. We will be traveling through Evansville, Newburgh, Rockport, Owensboro and back to Henderson to end at the Handy Blues festival with a Shine & Show and door prizes! Brothers tell your brothers and friends with bikes.

If you want to volunteer to work with us on the day of the event, please let us know.

Henderson KY